Friday, January 14, 2011

My struggle with asperger's & social awkwardness

                                              (The Vines frontman Craig Nicholls has aspergers)

It's is very hard to be in high school while having asperger's because aspie's have very terrible social skills and very obessive obessions.Even the slightest difference eg: dress differently,obessions,tics etc...

"Aspie teens typically become more isolated socially during a period when they crave friendships and inclusion more than ever. In the cruel world of middle and high school, Aspies often face rejection, isolation and bullying."

I really hate having asperger's because with my social skills are as bad as Justin Bieber's music i cannot get a girlfriend and there are alot of beautiful ones at my school, that's what really sucks about it.I get laughed at because i read alot, i finish my work while everybody is socializing,i listen to all sorts of music from Heavy metal to jazz.The kids know i really like hockey but the bug me by saying who won the Stanley Cup in (insert year here) or how many points does Mario Lemieux/Donald Audette have?
I also get made fun of cause i cant pronouce words like "Three". i even think the way i talk sounds very awkward.

I posted on my facebook wall saying "i am very socially awkward" and my friends don't take it seriously.They just randomly like my comments saying "Social Awkwardness is very serious" i am trying to spread awareness on this issue, i told them you think social awkwardness is funny? it's a very serious issue so stop posting off-topic comments here!

There should be more awareness in high schools about asperger's syndrome & social awkwardness


  1. high school is a difficult time for kids who don t fit the mold. their intelligence is mocked because of the bullyers who lack of any. all i can say is once you get on to college, things will change and you will find people who are like you - people who don t fit the mold but who are highly intelligent. the joke will be on the bullys some day,as you go on to use your amazing memory and dedication for learning and succeed where the others will fail. trust me. it's called karma.

  2. Misfits rule:

  3. Not to deligitimize your problems, but I recommend a different tactic... maybe because it's my only strategy in life. Why not laugh at it, rather than try to take it seriously?

    Think about it. The only thing seperating you from those making fun of you is who's laughing. You can laugh at yourself, and learning to do so may be the difference between being miserable and being happy.

    I don't say this to minimize your own suffering, because I'm sure what you face is horrible, undeserved, and is the result of completely mindless cruelty, but there are people who cope with worse. Of course, there are also people who can't cope with less, so you're doing better than all those depressed, whiney goths who have everything they could ever want and yet they cut themselves and act like the world is ending. My apologies if you're goth... they're... uh... nice people.

    Maybe because it is the only strategy I ever use, I really think you can use this to your comic advantage. If Josh Blue can make it as a comedian doing jokes about his cerebral palsy, I have to believe it's possible for anyone to use humor to their advantage, not view it as a source of torment.

    Or maybe if you could do this, you wouldn't be socially awkward, and I'm retarded.

  4. Oh, God. Bret has arrived.

    But he's right.

    Josh Blue blew my mind.