Thursday, January 13, 2011

Teens these days have no musical taste

The taste in most teens today is so terrible that they refuse to try different types of music, They have access to the internet and all the music in the world but they'd rather listen to the crap like Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, Justin Bieber etc...The teens with the best taste are the Metalheads,General rock fans & the indie kids.

Teens in the 60s/70s/80s did not have internet,they had to buy an album with their allowance not knowing if it's good or was trial and error for them.That trial and error must have gotten them albums like On The Beach, Funhouse, Remain In Light,The Velvet underground & nico and crap.

I wish more teens would listen to Arcade Fire rather than whatever is popular today


  1. Iconic:

    As for tastes, there's more than enough material to go around. If everyone liked the same things there'd be no incentive to be creative.

    As Arnold - *Holds back tears* - once taught us, diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks:

  2. They had bad taste when I was in high school 10 years ago, too. I think it's just that music started being horrible in the mid 90's, and never recovered. The fools will listen to whatever they're told to on... whatever channel music is played on these days (certainly not MTV).

    Maybe we were just born too late... although I don't think I would have enjoyed wearing tight pants.