Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When Will Jesus Pass The Pork Chops

I recently bought this book at Indigo on sunday on clearence and the purchase turned out to be one of the best cheap book buys ever. George Carlin wrote this book like if it was one of his stand up comedy acts.

Political Satire of the everyday american life is highlighted in his book examples are how political correctness is getting out of control, how america has to honor people who died in a amusement park accident at a Cleveland Browns game with a minute of silence and Parents who brag about their over-acheving kids at school VIA bumper sticker.  He also has a silly side like:
"I've never seen a homeless man with a bottle of Gatorade" & "Alot of gay men stay in the closet because they are interested in fashion" 

In my opinion, this book is a Perfect 10 on 10


  1. I got to read a bit of it - was one of the funniest reads in a very long time...it would be interesting if you could give a little background on carlin's life and works. what a great choice you made!

  2. I read "Napalm and SIlly Putty" and "Brain Droppings." I think this was published after my self-imposed poverty. I might check it out of the library now.

  3. I read the ingredients in food products. Now that's reality.

  4. And is now on my "must read" list :-) Thank you!

  5. That's so funny. I had never heard the Carlin gay closet line. Good post.